We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Paul Farmer will be joining us later this semester.  

Hilltop is our annual Fall conference, and our Hilltop Chairs Niara and Shivani have been working hard planning the event.  Thanks to all of their efforts, Dr. Paul Farmer will be the keynote speaker for Hilltop 2015. 

Many of us at GlobeMed admire Paul Farmer's passion, commitment, and work.  A few of our members wrote about why his work spans all disciplines at WashU, and why everyone has something to learn from him: 

Engineering has taught me the means to creating change. However, this education would be directionless without the social change principles I have learned from the global health movement and the works of Paul Farmer. One gives me vision, while the other shows me how to act and impact. Both the global health movement and engineering have become entirely necessary in shaping what role I want to play as a global citizen.
— Julia Kong
As a student studying healthcare management in Olin, the opportunity to learn from a world renowned leader such as Dr. Paul Farmer is unparalleled. As a key founder of Partners in Health, Dr. Farmer has profoundly contributed to a business model that has successfully established quality, efficacy, sustainability, and reach of care as being its primary goals. The uniquely successful business model for combating healthcare inequality is the ideal case study to learn from as a student like myself who is deeply passionate about the movement towards global health equity and business.
— Moid Ali
Paul Farmer has been an important activist in the global health world. He has shown that health is not only a medical issue, but also a moral issue based in solidarity. Art can be a transcendent method of solidarity. It is a universal language. Artists seek to create points of personal identification through art as a means to elicit empathy, understanding, and emotional growth through recognition of a shared humanity. One performance, one sculpture, one canvas, can empower thousands of people to make a change in the realm of global health.
— Shelly Gupta
It would be an incredible opportunity to have a dialogue with Dr. Paul Farmer. In his work specifically on global health, Farmer emphasizes cross-sector experiences build on understanding complexity, listening to multiple perspective, and leading change. These conversations are exactly what the Philsosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) program emphasizes in bringing seemingly different disciplines together in an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.
— Adi Radhakrishnan

We would also like to thank the Assembly Series and SU Speaker Series for partnering with us to bring Dr. Farmer to our campus.  

Finally, we'll end this post with a favorite quote from Dr. Farmer himself.

For me an area of moral clarity is: you’re in front of someone who’s suffering, and you have the tools at your disposal to alleviate that suffering or even eradicate it, and you act.
— Dr. Paul Farmer