This was the market area! I have never seen so many vegetables in one area at one time :O

This was the market area! I have never seen so many vegetables in one area at one time :O

By Akash Oza

Hi everyone! This is the first GROW team post for our internship and I am really excited to share with you what we have been doing! We landed in Uganda this past Tuesday around 9 PM and then had about a 3 hour car ride to get back to our hotel, the Fort Lugard. It seems that Uganda is never asleep because even late at night, I could still see people on the side of the road walking, as we drove to our hotel. After a late night, we woke up the next morning. The next day Sumaiyah picked us up and we went around Iganga and bought some supplies and got lunch at Victoria’s restaurant. I got a mixed plate with matokeposhododomboli, and muchere, or in other words, plantains, maize, greens, sweet potato and rice, respectively. My personal favorite was dodo (like I ended up eating the whole plate, they are really good). Then, we finally got to see UDHA (picture below). Walking up to UDHA was a very strange feeling. Over my time in GlobeMed, we always mention UDHA, especially when fundraising. To be here though, everything we do as a chapter became so much more tangible. In other words, every finals gift basket we sold was equated to supplies that UDHA could use to help conduct a school outreach or do a cooking session. Honestly, I felt so engrossed in the brotherhood while there.

The next day, we spent the whole day learning Lusoga! Sumaiyah was a very thorough teacher, and we learned everything from greetings to office supplies to numbers! We also finally got to see Rory (yay!!!). The day after we went through the budget and saw specifically to what our fundraising goes to. Even though, I was a little sick through the meeting, again seeing that all of the money we raise and how it is converted into something real was eye opening. On our first weekend, we spent our Saturday at the market! Rory met up with us, and we all went to Endiro Café, a coffee shop that is really popular with expats. Afterwards, we all went shopping around the market area and got the Naigobya team vegetables because they left us Monday!

Overall, this week was us just getting used to Iganga and finding our way around (I don’t know if I really still know the way to UDHA but more to come on that)! That’s it for me! Hope you all are great!